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Unique, Limited Edition Products.

Locally Made at Wholesale Prices

The Cubee Method of 3D Commerce

No Overseas Shipping

It doesn't matter where your'e located. Your order will be manufactured in a local 3D Printshop.

No Minimun Order 

 You don't need to buy large stocks in advance or stock up on inventory. Just order as you go 

Made by Top Designers

We handpick designers from around the world to create diverse and colorful product catalogs.

Easily Customizable

With Cubee everything you sell can be tailored to your needs - and you don’t pay extra for the customization.

What They Say About Us

Kami Flowers

Kami, Tel Aviv

Together we selected and customized products that fit our needs.

When there is curiosity and love for what you do, magic happens.

Plant Shop

Little Leaf - Washington, DC

We love their pots!  They've added a really fun color, texture and dimension to our selection. We've already reordered three times!

Hoya, Israel

We created together a unique line of planters that would match our style concept and work well with specific plants we had.


Cubee merges technology with creative design, allowing us to offer our customers unique, quality pots at competitive prices.


Jungle NYC
coalescence35 (1).gif

The Cubee method let's you

 Customize All Products On This Site


Cubee is a startup that helps businesses sell locally-made products created by brands from all over the world, using 3D printing.


For many small & medium businesses, importing

products no longer pays. 

We're here to help with that.

Designers We Work With

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

From Spain to Italy and beyond, we've partnered with some of the most talented people in their field. Each has a unique style, but they all share an incredible talent and passion for their craft.

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